Henri De Rivel

The good quality of a saddle is based on the tree. Its various production processes are combined with technique and craftmanship in different skills, such as carpentry and smithy. We have over 40 models of trees, which allows us to build saddles with the widest range of models, sizes, profundities, seat width and apertures.
There is quality control in all stages of production and the symmetry in materials allows us to achieve a final product which serves as a template for all saddles to follow. Hence the saddlers develop their work in a more consistent and precise way.

There is quality control in all stages of production.
We check the symmetry in materiales with laser.

 All trees are manufactured from beechwood laminate veneers for strenght, and moulded together under a vacuum laminate press.

Process of making trees
in our plant.

The saddles Henri de Rivel are going to introduce the new saddle tree concept T&T Tree